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We're a small team of engineers that love to design and build things. Here's a few reasons why we stand out from the crowd.

Clear goals

We manage our projects in a way that allows your team to easily track progress. Development cycles with clear goals allow us to reach milestones consistently. Clear expectations and deliverables reduces time wasted on micro-management and allows your team to stay focused.

A focus on scalability

Many software platforms are not built to scale properly which leads to massive technical debt that is detrimental to business growth. We specialize in automating applications in a way that allow your business to operate as efficiently as possible.

Simplistic approach

We put a lot of focus on simplicity and it's at the core of our process. Many times, this has to do with the code we don't write. Our expertise in leveraging thrid party APIs and open source tools will make the most of your budget rather than waste it.

“Things exist either because they have recently come into existence or because they have qualities that made them unlikely to be destroyed in the past.”

It takes a lot of focused effort to build products that are nimble, lightweight, and fit to thrive in their environment. When things are changing all around, only well adapted products will survive. Too many features and your product will bloat and fall behind the pack. We’ll help you design and execute software that has exactly the right features and technology to keep you a few steps ahead of the competition.

Our Team

Thomas Allen

Product strategy, design, and engineering

“One of the things I love about creating a unique user experience is introducing new design concepts. If you can solve a problem by removing complexity from the application flow or development process, that’s a real win. Those innovations are what it’s really all about.”

Most recently, Thomas worked as a consultant with the application engineering team at Tesla Motors building the industry’s first fully online car design and ordering platform that has grossed billions in sales. Before that, he worked as a software engineer and designer at specialized digital agencies, and software startups.

Benjamin Gelsey

Systems architecture, scalability, and automation

“Quality code really matters to me. My focus is to make sure the software I build is to spec on top of a solid foundation. From here, the sky is the limit as we grow and scale those systems to handle as many users as your marketing team can throw at us.”

Ben worked on the Search Infrastructure team at Google shortly after graduating Summa Cum Laude in computer science at USC. He’s the lead application architect at Thermic. Ben specializes in continuous deployment, automation, and test driven development. These specialties combined create a stable, fast paced development and deployment environment allowing our apps to evolve rapidly.

Jacob Peterson

UI Architecture and iOS engineering

“Creating great user experiences is something that I find really captivating. It’s always a challenge to get things right, but I enjoy re-working every element of an application until we have something that users really love. Releasing something into the real world that feels right is always a rewarding experience.”

Jake works with every part of the software development stack allowing him to approach design challenges in unique ways and really leverage all the tools available at each level. Lately, he’s released an enterprise solution for developers to easily serve advertisements in their app with only a few lines of code. Jake’s startup experience and iOS expertise make him a powerful addition to our team.

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We love to work with ambitious people that inspire us. Our motivation is fueled by our clients who are passionate about their products.

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